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I think we all use some kind of portable electronic work or entertainment tool. In the end, smartphones today (almost) everyone, and many people to the collection is a tablet or even a laptop. To use the potential of these devices, you need internet access. What if we are out of WiFi, and our tablet or computer does not have a 3G / LTE modem? The TP-Link M5350 is a solution for these people.

Although today’s smartphones have no problem dealing with 3G / LTE connectivity as WiFi hotspots, this is not the ideal solution. It consumes a lot of battery power, and the phone is a tool that can not be unloaded. It is worth noting that most of the cheap tablets do not have a 3G modem at all, and only access to the network via WiFi. In all of these scenarios, the TP-LINK M5350 Wireless WiFi Router can be a good fit.

This router is a portable hot spot, where we insert a SIM card of our operator and which by telephone 3G network pulls and sends data to up to ten devices connected to its WiFi network. So just one SIM card, so that each of our devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, console, etc.) can gain access to the network. There is one more great advantage of sharing a WiFi connection – the ease of sharing files between devices. The network structure of such a connection does not differ in any way from a traditional router, so exchanging files between connected devices is no longer a problem.

It is worth mentioning yet another feature of the device, whose potential unfortunately has not been used even in half. This is a microSD card reader located next to the SIM card slot. The device allows access to the data stored on the card, but only … via the cable. The functionality of this solution is limited to a simple card reader. It is a pity that the content of the card is not visible in the form of NAS storage – there are devices on the market that work in this way.

We tested the router on several popular SIM cards. The mandatory point here was to check compatibility with the wildly popular still-available Aero 2 BDI service, primarily based on the UMTS 900 network. The device with this service worked without any problems, as was the mobile internet service of other large operators (Plus, Orange and T-Mobile). How much compatibility with the latter is basically …

The Internet giant has been trying to invest in modern technologies for years, and soon the scope of its activities will go beyond the planet. Google is working with NASA on a project to grow plants on the silver surface.

As part of the joint project, NASA builds a small, weighing just a kilo, self-sufficient habitat for growing plants. The device, on board the Moon Express lander, will be delivered to the Moon.

The whole venture takes place within the framework of a Google-nominated competition, the Google Lunar X Prize. Its purpose is to construct a robotic ship that would be able to land and land on the surface of our planet’s natural satellite.

When the lander reaches the moon, water will be added to the habitat of the plant seeds, and the next 5-10 days will be observed and the data sent to Earth. The device will hold 10 basil seeds, as much turnips and a hundred small Arabidopsis flower seeds.…

Sony is following in the footsteps of Microsoft and, similarly to the American giant, has been working closely with its smartphone consoles. The Japanese company has just released an update for its Android device, which enables the PS4 Remote Play feature on the Xperia Z3 smartphones, the Xperia Z3 Compact, and the Xperia Z3 Tablet.

Remote Play allows the owners of listed mobile devices to play titles that are streamed directly from the PlayStation 4 console. This can be useful when the family is occupying the TV connected to our equipment, and we just have a spare time and want to go to the next level in your favorite game. This feature requires the addition of a special handle, thanks to which we can use DualShock 4, which of course will significantly improve the comfort of play.

The Remote Play feature is part of the PlayStation App, which allows users of the Xperia ™ smartphone to browse the PlayStation Store, send messages to friends, and manage their profile.…

Built by Google Project Ara, it will certainly be the first modular smartphone on the market, but not the only one. The idea of ​​mobile devices that can be assembled like blocks is also captured by other companies by designing their own versions. Circular Devices has just announced a rival for Project Ara, which is called Puzzlephone.

Puzzlephone is a project that, in general terms, resembles an idea implemented by Google, although it has been somewhat simplified. The Ara project will offer a basic platform where you will be able to hook individual modules of any component, so change the battery, processor, camera, Meanwhile, Puzzlephone has been divided into three top-down sections that the user can exchange themselves.

The main section is the “backbone” consisting of the display, the loudspeaker and the housing that is the core of the structure responsible for its functioning. The next section is the “heart” containing the battery and the secondary electronic circuits, while the third is the “brain” in which the processor and the camera are located.

In the Finnish project we can not therefore exchange individual modules, but only change the sections designed by the manufacturer. This is a more user-friendly solution, but offers less personalization options.…

By searching for a file on the network, you have certainly never been duped by a fake download button that instead of starting a download, redirected to a page. So Google has introduced a Chrome browser that will warn you of these types of sites.

The Internet is a real jungle in which predators lurk on every single mistake that can result in the infestation of our ad-serving computer, or other type of threat.

From the point of view of intenna, the most annoying problem is the fake download buttons. When we search for a new movie player or another file, we often get into buttons that instead of downloading, redirect us to another page.

Google has decided to take steps to eliminate the problem and announce that Chrome in safe mode will now flag websites that have fake download buttons, fake updates, or fake malware ads.

The change is part of Google’s new social engineering policy, which seeks to identify all forms of its use on web sites, such as fake login screens on websites pretending to be bank accounts, or counterfeit pages for updates. Attempting to enter such a site will result in a move to a warning page.…

In a few years, the car production process will become unrecognizable. New cars will no longer be built using currently used production lines, but will use the 3D printer. Several such projects are already being implemented, and one of the most promising is LM3D Swim.

LM3D Swim is a project implemented by Local Motors, which has won the competition for designing a road car made using 3D printing technology. Auto will hit the market in 2017 and will cost about $ 53k.

So far the project is still at a very early stage of development. The manufacturer has not yet selected suspension and power supply suppliers, as one might guess, not all cars will be printed, but only some of its components, including the bodywork and interior.

It is known, however, that the buyer will have a lot of opportunities to customize the vehicle according to his own preferences. Unfortunately, they will only be available at the client’s design stage. Once it is done, there will be no such possibility and the manufacturer does not foresee, for example, interchangeable panels of the car body, as is the case in Smarta.

It is not known exactly when the first car from the printer will go to the salons. The manufacturer claims that the first crash tests to assess the strength of the construction will begin no earlier than at the end of 2016. In the spring of the same year the pre-sale of the vehicle will begin, while the finished copies will be delivered to customers a year later.…

Huawei’s Huawei is preparing to roll out its latest tablet, Honor T1, to European markets. The device will go on sale this month and belongs to the segment of budget products. It will offer us hardware configuration from the average shelf for around 130 euros.

Chinese smartphones are increasingly conquering western markets, as consumers find themselves in a device that is not only as good as the counterparts of well-known companies, but, above all, much more attractive.

This is also the latest tablet Honor T1, which in selected European markets will appear later this month and will be offered for the price of 130 euros. For this amount, however, you should not expect top-shelf equipment.

The Honor T1 is equipped with an 8-inch 800 x 1200 pixel screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor, 1.2 GHz clock, 1 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of internal memory for user files.

There is also a 5 megapixel camera on the back and a VGA front camera as well as a 4800 mAh battery. And it all works under Android 4.3. Plus the hardware is also 3G connectivity with support for voice calls, so the tablet will allow us to make phone calls.

Decent hardware configuration and attractive price should make the device very popular especially among younger consumers.…

A team of American scientists has developed a new type of robot that can increase the chance of survival in the event of a heart attack. The device surrounds this organ and helps to pump blood into the body.

Implants supporting the work of the body are nothing new. For many years, pacemakers and cochlear implants have been implanted to help patients hear them. Technological advances in the field of medicine are very fast, but perhaps soon in our bodies will begin work robots performing various tasks.

One such machine has been created by scientists from Harvard University and the Boston Children’s Hospital. They have developed a soft robot that, in the event of a heart attack, can increase the patient’s chances of survival. Unlike typical valves, this design surrounds the entire heart from the outside. With the help of a special system, in the event of a sudden situation can still stimulate his work.

The inspiration for creating this machine was a true heart, and it consists of a silicone case, powered by pneumatic actuators evenly distributed. Pumped to the air system causes expansion and contraction of the actuators, thus imitating the movement of the true heart.

Technology has now been tested at the heart of the pig, whose drug capacity has been reduced by 45 percent. When the robot was set up, its efficiency reached 97%. Healthy heart.

Doctors say the new technology could help 140,000 patients who suffer from a variety of heart conditions. It would also allow the survivors to expect transplantation and support the rehabilitation process.…

Israel abolishes the ban on importing Apple tablets, which was announced 10 days ago due to the possibility of interfering with other devices via iPad wireless signal.

The ban on iPad imports was announced by the Israeli authorities just over a week ago, and was related to the possibility of iPad interfering with other devices. The reason was to send a wireless signal that does not comply with any European wireless network standard. That is why the Israeli Ministry of Communications decided to first analyze the device in a laboratory that he controlled before Apple was allowed to use it.

Although in most cases the same rules apply in Israel, as in European countries, it was the only country in which Cupertino tablet imports were banned.…

Vests protecting police officers and soldiers from missiles, hitherto performed with Kevlar reinforced with ceramic plates. This material, however, may soon depart from the blame, because the scientists have found that a wide range of graphene properties can be added to the still very effective containment of missiles.

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts-Amhers have recently discovered that graphene is great for bulletproof vests and is definitely better than kevlar in that respect. Researchers carried out a test with an extremely thin sheet of graphene just one atom thick, firing on it with bullets. They then discovered that when dealing with such a missile, the graphene disintegrates.

So they decided to carry out another test. Graphite sheets consisting of 10 to 100 layers were fired with microscopic glass particles dispersed at speeds of about 3 km / s. It was discovered that graphene very effectively disperses the kinetic energy of the projectile, stretching at the point of impact and then bursting. The research shows that it has twice the better absorption properties of kevlar and 10 times better than steel.

In addition, the use of multiple layers will reduce cracking and disintegration of the material, making it very effective bulletproof vests. They will not only be ultra light, but also extremely durable, and will provide better protection against injury.…