Vests protecting police officers and soldiers from missiles, hitherto performed with Kevlar reinforced with ceramic plates. This material, however, may soon depart from the blame, because the scientists have found that a wide range of graphene properties can be added to the still very effective containment of missiles.

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts-Amhers have recently discovered that graphene is great for bulletproof vests and is definitely better than kevlar in that respect. Researchers carried out a test with an extremely thin sheet of graphene just one atom thick, firing on it with bullets. They then discovered that when dealing with such a missile, the graphene disintegrates.

So they decided to carry out another test. Graphite sheets consisting of 10 to 100 layers were fired with microscopic glass particles dispersed at speeds of about 3 km / s. It was discovered that graphene very effectively disperses the kinetic energy of the projectile, stretching at the point of impact and then bursting. The research shows that it has twice the better absorption properties of kevlar and 10 times better than steel.

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In addition, the use of multiple layers will reduce cracking and disintegration of the material, making it very effective bulletproof vests. They will not only be ultra light, but also extremely durable, and will provide better protection against injury.

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