A team of American scientists has developed a new type of robot that can increase the chance of survival in the event of a heart attack. The device surrounds this organ and helps to pump blood into the body.

Implants supporting the work of the body are nothing new. For many years, pacemakers and cochlear implants have been implanted to help patients hear them. Technological advances in the field of medicine are very fast, but perhaps soon in our bodies will begin work robots performing various tasks.

One such machine has been created by scientists from Harvard University and the Boston Children’s Hospital. They have developed a soft robot that, in the event of a heart attack, can increase the patient’s chances of survival. Unlike typical valves, this design surrounds the entire heart from the outside. With the help of a special system, in the event of a sudden situation can still stimulate his work.

The inspiration for creating this machine was a true heart, and it consists of a silicone case, powered by pneumatic actuators evenly distributed. Pumped to the air system causes expansion and contraction of the actuators, thus imitating the movement of the true heart.

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Technology has now been tested at the heart of the pig, whose drug capacity has been reduced by 45 percent. When the robot was set up, its efficiency reached 97%. Healthy heart.

Doctors say the new technology could help 140,000 patients who suffer from a variety of heart conditions. It would also allow the survivors to expect transplantation and support the rehabilitation process.

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