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Vests protecting police officers and soldiers from missiles, hitherto performed with Kevlar reinforced with ceramic plates. This material, however, may soon depart from the blame, because the scientists have found that a wide range of graphene properties can be added to the still very effective containment of missiles.

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts-Amhers have recently discovered that graphene is great for bulletproof vests and is definitely better than kevlar in that respect. Researchers carried out a test with an extremely thin sheet of graphene just one atom thick, firing on it with bullets. They then discovered that when dealing with such a missile, the graphene disintegrates.

So they decided to carry out another test. Graphite sheets consisting of 10 to 100 layers were fired with microscopic glass particles dispersed at speeds of about 3 km / s. It was discovered that graphene very effectively disperses the kinetic energy of the projectile, stretching at the point of impact and then bursting. The research shows that it has twice the better absorption properties of kevlar and 10 times better than steel.

In addition, the use of multiple layers will reduce cracking and disintegration of the material, making it very effective bulletproof vests. They will not only be ultra light, but also extremely durable, and will provide better protection against injury.…

Last year, Microsoft announced plans to create tools that will enable developers to easily migrate Android applications to the Windows 10 Mobile platform. It seems, however, that nothing will come of it, because after a long silence the American corporation has just confirmed that it resigned from the program called Project Astoria.

Recent reports on market share of individual operating systems do not look the best, as in the case of Windows Phone, this value dropped to just 2 percent. In this way, Microsoft’s work is slowly becoming a niche system and it can not be ruled out that it will disappear in the future. The situation could change the growth of the number of applications available, but for the time being it does not seem to happen.

Microsoft has announced that it will definitely give up Project Astoria, an idea aimed at allowing developers to move Android applications to Windows 10 Mobile. Interestingly, the concern is still working on the Islandwood Project, which deals with the same, but with regard to iOS.…

Every day hundreds of cosmic rocks fall on our planet. Most of them are so small that they burn in the atmosphere, but sometimes larger asteroids appear, which are a serious threat to Earth. NASA wants to protect the planet from them, and that’s why it invites a special unit to address this problem.

The idea was officially called the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO), and the operation will be financed from a new NASA budget of $ 50 million. The unit will detect and track any objects that could pose a threat to our planet. It will focus primarily on detecting diameter objects from 135 meters upwards. If you find that such a rocky rock can hit the Earth, the team will warn the threat and help coordinate the work of individual government agencies. People working on the project will also develop ideas to counter the threat.

In addition to the new branch, NASA and ESA also deal with asteroids. Both agencies are working together on the Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment (AIDA) project, which will consist in precipitating a dangerous object from the collision course with Earth.…

The media revealed that the software for stand-alone vehicles designed by Apple, is created by QNX. This is a Canadian company owned by BlackBerry, a well known mobile device manufacturer.

Over the last few weeks several issues have been addressed in relation to the design of an electric car built by Apple. Cupertino’s managerial firm realized that the project was overwhelming and decided to finish it. However, the board does not intend to completely abandon it, so instead of creating an entire car, it will focus solely on software intended for autonomous vehicles.

But Apple will not do it alone. According to Bloomberg, the company is working on this project with Canadian company QNX. It is a leading automotive software provider, owned by BlackBerry, known for its mobile devices. Information is a big surprise as Apple researches new projects, usually running at its headquarters in Cupertino, without the involvement of external companies.

Apple currently has several dozen engineers working on this operating system in Canada. Most of them were employed a few years ago, but just over 20 people come from QNX’s BlackBerry. Engineers are currently working in the Apple offices located in Ottawa, located a few minutes from the QNX headquarters.

Unfortunately, even if the approximate date for completing the new software is unknown, it is not yet known. It is not known when it will appear in production cars.…

Chinese companies are known for copying the design of the products of well known companies and very often marketed the device, with a look almost identical to the original. Such copying also applies to smartphones and most often its victim falls Apple hardware. The best example of this is Q7, the latest Chinese smartphone from ZTE.

The ZTE Q7 is an iPhone 6 clone. If you look at the photos below, you will see a striking resemblance to the product of the Californian consortium borrowed from the exterior. The dimensions of the product are almost identical to the original (157 x 78 x 7.9 mm – 158 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm) and similarly to the prototype, the Chinese hardware also has a 5.5 inch touch screen. However, it offers a resolution of only 720 x 1280 pixels.

The smartphone has an eight-core 1.5GHz MediaTek processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of usable memory, which can be expanded with a microSD card. The manufacturer also installed an 8 megapixel rear camera with dual flash and 2 megapixels. The functionality of the device is provided by Android 4.4.4 KitKat.…