The American concern Tesla is increasingly involved in renewable energy projects. One of the latest ideas is being implemented in Hawaii and is to be a combination of a solar farm and a PowerPack battery.

The advantage of solar farms is the production of cheap energy. The problem is that it can be used only in the day, since storing electricity for later use is quite difficult and expensive. But Tesla wants to change that, so in the experiment, Hawaii is carrying out a project called Kapaia, which aims to ensure the usefulness of the solar farm 24 hours a day.

The project is a combination of a 13 MW SolarCity solar farm and a 53 MWh PowerPack battery pack that will store the current generated by the cell by allowing it to be used at night. The whole complex will be built on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i.

By combining with other green energy production methods, such as windmills and biomass incinerators, it is unlikely that the islands will completely free the use of fossil fuels, but will certainly reduce their consumption significantly. It is estimated that, thanks to this, annual fuel consumption will decrease by 6 million liters.

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