In June of this year, Uber bought Microsoft’s Binga digital map technology from Microsoft, taking over more than a hundred Redmond employees involved in the creation. It looks like the company wants to use the acquired branch to create its own maps, and it helps with special cars released into the street.

Passenger transportation requires very precise maps so that you can not only navigate the route better, but also choose the shortest route to the destination so that the passenger arrives there much faster. Uber has used HERE maps in his business, but the company said he needed his own, so in the summer he bought the right technology from Bing, and now wants to refine it.

As reported by the media, Uber has released their own cars, which, like cars in Google Street View, are collecting data about the streets of individual cities. Vehicles have a spherical 3D camera with which the image of the environment is recorded. As explained by the company representative, the data collected will help improve the key areas of the service offered, providing drivers and passengers with more route information, and allowing for more precise arrival times.

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